Who Are We?

A group of book lovers got together and lamented that we in North Marion County have no convenient access to a library.   We knew if nothing was done about this, there would be no going forward.  We decided that “nothing” is not good enough for our active community and hope you feel this way too.

We looked for guidance from Cedar Mill Library in Washington County, which was started by a dedicated group of people, just like us.  It started small, but with a greater plan in mind.  Now it is a thriving beehive of activity for the community, with a thrift shop, meeting rooms, access to computers, music, movies, children’s activities and happy volunteers working alongside paid staff.

We have done the necessary preliminary work.  We now have by-laws in place, have achieved non-profit status and are legally ready to roll. We would like for you to get on board with us and make it happen!

We can do it, but we need your help and commitment to build a library for the residents in and around Aurora, Donald, Hubbard, Butteville and Broadacres, Oregon.

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